There are benefits to sleeping on your back.


You can sleep on your right or left side with or without a pillow between your knees; on your stomach which invariably requires sleeping with your head tilted to one side or the other; or on your back with or without a pillow under your knees. Each sleeping position has its benefits, and its disadvantages. However, one position in particular, sleeping on your back, is the option recommended because of the benefits involved. Here are sleeping on your back benefits. Sleeping on your back is useful in alleviating, or all together preventing, neck and back pain; reducing acid reflux; minimizing facial wrinkles; and maintaining perky breasts. Sleeping on your stomach requires that you tilt your head one way or the other unless you can breathe through your pillow. Not only does the surface pressure on your face lead to premature wrinkles, it also requires your spine to rest in an unnatural position.On the other hand, sleeping on your back allows for your spine to rest in its natural position leading to a more restful night, and the alleviation of neck or back pain. Moreover, this position places your stomach below your esophagus which minimizes acid reflux, and it puts the back of your head against your pillow to carry the weight of the surface pressure rather than the softer skin of your face.